Waiting in HOPE l Spring Ladies Group l Jan 25th

It will be our first meeting for 2016 so it's a great time to join in and allow others to support you and walk beside you. I am really looking forward to our book and as I've been praying I know God led us to this book specifically. Many of you are feeling like giving up on this season, this desire and are wondering WHY? And WHAT WAS (IS) THE POINT of all this pain and struggle? Although I can't answer that specifically for each of you, I can promise that this book will guide you to seek those answers from the only One who can answer the WHY me?

The book is "Green Pastures of a Barren Land": Finding Contentment in Life's Desolate Seasons by Candice Farmer. I know it's a little intense of a title but the book is based on 7 biblical truths, or as she calls them life-saving principles, about God that allowed her to experience wholeness, recovery, deliverance, peace, contentment, and hope. Even after what could have been her life-shattering "incurable barrenness" diagnosis.

Honestly, we all need these Godly perspectives and truths to make it through any hard time, which is why I am most pumped about this study and focusing on how Scripture/God's WORD can transform our wounded and hurting hearts into healed vessels of beauty and peace.

I believe this could be such a great resource for each of you & your soul to cling to during this time. Please read it regardless of if you plan to come to group or not.

And if you know anyone interested in being a part of this group or could use this book, please share and help them know they too are "Not Alone".

Please join us Starting Jan. 25th @ 6:30p

Every other Monday*

Houston's First Baptist Church - Loop Campus: Connection Center

(near missions office, worship center and book store on the first floor) 


-Waiting in HOPE- Waiting in HOPE l Spring Ladies Group l Jan 25th