Good Book: Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

In Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Sara Hagerty shares her experience with barrenness. It’s a story about a broken marriage, infertility, sickness, and death. However, the story doesn’t stop with the ugly. Sarah also shares about the beauty of adoption and how God showed up in the midst of all of her awkward, uncomfortable  circumstances. This book is about learning how to hope.

As Sara shares her story, it’s impossible to miss how God was working on her behalf. He was taking all the bitter situations and making them sweet. He was painting a beautiful painting she couldn’t see yet.

As I read Sara’s story, I couldn’t help but be reminded that when we are in the middle of our own ugly situation, we are seen and deeply loved. Our Father is continuing to invite the deepest places of our hearts to find Him. If we allow Him, our Father will truly take our bitter and messy  situations and use them to change our lives.

I think this quote sums up the book perfectly:

“My mess wouldn’t forever be a curse. One day it would be my crown. One day it would tell the story that, yes, He is good … to me.”

Melissa Forster lives in Missouri with her husband, Dan, and their adorable gray cat named Leo. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and loves following Him to a place where her faith is without borders. Her favorite place to be is tucked in at home with copious amounts of coffee and a great book. Melissa and Dan have been struggling with delayed fertility for 10 years and have two precious babies in heaven. Melissa writes from her heart about her grief, joy, and who Jesus is in the midst of it all. @borderless57

-Waiting in HOPE- Good Book: Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet