Happy (or not so happy) Mother's Day: I See You. A Love Letter from God

Mother's Day Series. Honest thoughts and reflections of hope for the non-mommas during this dreaded holiday. Happy (or not so happy) Mother's Day.

I see you, Sweet One.

I know you don't understand and you're confused. My desire is not to leave you that way, but to speak to your soul's deepest places and help you find contentment in Me.

I see you.

I know you can't fully control your feelings and emotions. I know you don't want to be upset and sad when others share joy with you. I know it's so hard when they have what you long for. Be honest with Me. Lean in with your anger, your doubt, your fear. Dare to share your dreams with Me and trust that I know what you need.

I see you.

I know you long for the title of Mother. That dream was so close, and yet now hope seems so far off. That babe is being well taken care of. You have lost a little piece of your heart forever, but remember, I know the feeling of loss. I gave my own son for you.

I see you.

I know social media can be challenging, especially today. Your friends post their sweet families and have no idea how it affects you. The Mother's Day cards, commercials; even church services can be hurtful. Bring your bitterness to Me. Allow Me to soften your heart and speak love over your broken areas. Do not let this battle come between you and others. This is between you and Me; my plan for you.

I see you.

I know you wouldn't choose this struggle. I know it's hard. I know it's painful. But know, Sweet One, I am not against you or withholding anything good from you. You are not forgotten. This is not a mistake. I will use this season for good in your life if you let me. Please let me grow you. Change you. Make you more like Myself... A better, more grateful, future parent.

I see you.

I know this journey can feel isolating and you can be tempted to withdrawal. Withdrawal from family, friends, even your own spouse. Don't fall into this trap. You need others right now. You need their tangible hugs and hope and honesty. Even when you don't feel like they totally "get you," let them love you the best they know how. Let them travel this road with you, beside you, going before you in prayer. I am writing your story and I want you to own it. Use it to minister to others and let them speak into you. Your pain is not in vain.

I see you.

Lastly, I know you think that being a mom is all you want. All you can think about and dream to be. You think it will satisfy you and you'll finally find that contentment you've been searching for. It won't. And you won't. Only I can do that. I want all of you. Every part. I want your deepest desire to be Me. I want to satisfy you. I want to meet your needs. I want to lavish my great love upon you and completely fulfill you. Lean in, sweet one. Let me be your everything and the rest will follow as my story for you unfolds.

I love you, and I see you,

especially today.



“Praise be God...He has given us new birth into a living a hope.” I Peter 1:3

*Thanks to our writer Caitlyn Joiner for sharing today. Caitlyn is a lover of Atlanta, Georgia where her and her husband, Chris reside and serve full-time with CRU along side their 2 girls. Their journey included Primary and Secondary infertility thanks to PCOS.


-Waiting in HOPE- Happy (or not so happy) Mother's Day: I See You. A Love Letter from God