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Hello New Friend! We are honored and excited that you are interested in joining the Waiting in Hope Ministries team. If you feel like this might be the thing God has for you, then we'd love for you to get the application process started by filling out the form below. (Note: None of these positions require for you to live locally, all current roles are done remotely.)


  • Love Jesus and (imperfectly) attempt to daily live for Him.

  • Actively a part of a local church body, growing in faith.

  • Align and agree with our statement of beliefs (go read now if you have not, before moving forward).

  • Dedicated to Waiting in Hope Ministries, eager to participate in and focus on this ministry as a whole.

  • Regardless of other personal ideas and dreams (which we would love to see for you too) we desire a focused ministry team.

  • Loves a team environment and willing to connect (as best we can virtually).

  • Works well independently, self-motivated, teachable heart and can take initiative when guided.

  • Authentic, honest, kind and you don't take yourself too seriously (because we don't).

  • Doers, Dreamers, Innovators are all welcome.

  • Be OK to do this all volunteer (unpaid) because you are awesome like that (all the kissy emoji faces)

  • Have all the capabilities to work from home (i.e. computer, internet, phone, WIFI, etc.)

  • Able to commit 5-10 hours a week to this position, you are able to flex those hours with your schedule without reporting hours. Commit to monthly and sometimes weekly calls and meetings. We are flexible and accommodating (we all have personal lives), so the goal is that we get our work done efficiently, if that can be done quicker, that is totally awesome!



Waiting in Hope Ministries has a dream to offer more resources, more information, more stories and more hope. We need a team to oversee the creation of content, our voice and where we are lacking as a infertility ministry.

Do you like writing, collaborating and seeing relevant content affect and help people? Are you someone who finds themselves using their voice to help others? Do you have a vision and passion for more people to hear about resources and support during their journey of waiting and unknowns? We need passion, creativity, and your ideas to intertwine with our purpose and vision for Waiting in Hope Ministries (local support groups, online chats groups, online resources, blog, website, products, group studies) and connecting our voice with our social media platforms. We love you connectors and story-tellers. Please help us continue to be more of a voice to the hurting. If you answered yes, this might be perfect for you if: 

  • You like working with others and having a collective voice more than just a singular one.

  • You love to dream up ideas of what resources would be helpful for women in this season. (No pressure, brainstorming is a collaborative effort around here, but you also have freedom to dream.)

  • Deadlines/Timelines and coordinating with others virtually sounds super fun.

  • You get excited about words and stories. (No grammar queen needed, this isn't an editing position but word nerds are loved!)

  • Proficient in English.

  • You are teachable, or familiar with websites/blogs backend (experience with websites is not required).

  • Note: Eventually one of the team members from this department will become the manager, maybe that is or will be you!

Apply below if you love pulling content together, writing and getting these resources into the hands of more!

Special Event Coordinator

Waiting in Hope Ministries has hosted local events for years now and we dream of expanding this further. Starting with our first couples retreat in 2019, we want to purposefully love our women and couples well, blessing them in a much needed time. Desiring to show them through our events that there is hope in their waiting and that they are not alone on the journey.  

Do you love events? Planning? Details? Is hospitality, service, giving and doing your giftings? Are you known as a hostess or a lover of conferences, retreats, and special events? Are you excited by others enjoying and being encouraged and significantly affected by things you are a part of and made happen? Do you believe in, understand and desire the attention to detail that when coordinated as such can set apart an event and make it exceptional, efficient and meaningful for others? Do you perhaps love the little things, making something look special and have an eye for what looks good? Would you enjoy coordinating with others, vendors, speakers and organizing to work towards a single focused goal? Can you look ahead and stay on task, finishing a project well? If you answered yes, this might be perfect for you if: 

  • You have experience with events, planning, and coordinating

  • You are able to budget, fundraise, gain sponsorships, work with vendors and contributors

  • Well-organized with multi-tasking skills, Doer and/or Dreamer

  • Able to manage others, projects and solve problems calmly.

  • Enjoys and experienced in researching, scheduling and coordinating tasks

Apply below if you love events, hospitality, details and using your service to bless others! 

Development & fundraising Coordinator

(details to come)

Social media/Marketing Coordinator

(details to come)


We will contact you as soon as we can if we are interested in moving to the next steps (an interview and checking your references). We apologize that we can't respond to every applicant. Thank you for your grace and understanding. Know too, if you don't hear from us, this just means you weren't a right match for our ministry at this time. So, look back for more positions later or let us know what you are passionate about - maybe it is what we need. There are so many parts to the puzzle that all have to fit in the right timing. So, in no way does this reflect on you, your gifting or your abilities. Keep seeking God for what's next for you -keep being brave and stepping out! And pretty please still be our friend because we really like you.💕

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From the list above or if you have an idea for a position and role that would be your jam - then please feel free to list it here.
Please, note you do not have to have a personal connection to infertilty to join the work.
You do not have to have a ton of experience, however relevant experience is a major plus. Most importantly, we desire someone who wants to use their God-given abilities and experiences (plus passions) for serving more. Would you have confidence that you can do the task?
We will need 3 different types of references. These can be friends, past bosses, pastors, etc. Someone that can vouch for your character, faith, and abilities.